E-Commerce codes

Modified on Wed, 31 May, 2023 at 3:06 PM

E-Commerce codes


To accommodate a large volume of coupon codes and bundles in e-commerce platforms, where users enter coupon codes in a text box instead of a point-of-sale system, we are expanding our time-bound code to support alphanumeric codes for e-commerce use. This will meet the needs of the vast user base of e-commerce platforms that rely on these services for their daily needs.

ECOMM code encoding format

To support an unlimited no of Ecomm codes, we have selected the following encoding format giving you options to have unlimited self-controlled Ecomm codes for all your users.

Bundling using time-bound code

TCB Generates a Unique Provider Prefix for Each Account During Creation. When Generating Time Bound Ecomm Codes, prepend the prefix with zeros based on length: Two zeros for a One-Digit prefix (e.g. 001) and one zero for a Two-Digit prefix (e.g. 099). This ensures that the provider is easily identifiable in the 8112 time-bound code format and also ensures no overlapping of Ecomm codes across providers.

Bundling using time-bound Ecomm code

With the Time Bound Fetch Code, up to 10 GS1 serialized codes can be combined into a single Ecomm code, providing the ability for providers to group relevant coupons into a single code. This makes it possible to enter multiple coupons in a single text box using a single Ecomm enhancing customer experience in the E-commerce platform.

Deletion Policy

Expired codes are typically deleted within 48 hours after their expiration. The actual time it takes for a code to be completely deleted depends on the volume of codes and the workload. Expired codes can no longer be resubmitted within the next 48 hours and cannot be redeemed by consumers.

More technical Instructions are available through your TCB portal.

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